Johor Bharu On Foot (Part 1: Salahuddin Bakery, Hua Mui, City Square)


I have been living in Johor Bharu since one year ago when I first started my clinical years and naturally I thought that I would know quite a lot about this city by now. Well,turns out that maybe, I’m not that familiar with it after all. As a motivation to study (LOL), me and the boy, Mr L made a bet (or rather a promise) that if we studied for one whole week, by Saturday we will go for a day trip in JB! And yes, we managed to do it and by Friday night we were researching on where to go. Then we came across this JB Heritage Trail thing in a couple of travel blogs and realised that there is such things in Jalan Wong Ah Fook, a street that we have passed by countless times to grab some food and stuff like that. Turns out, this area that I thought I will be much familiar by now has much more to offer! So yesterday, we started our journey at 10am (it was supposed to be at least one hour earlier but we overslept! >.< oh well, it is supposed to be a chilled tour anyway =p). First stop, the Salahuddin Bakery for breakkie!! =) Image The shop has been there since 1919 (if I am not mistaken) and the interior of it still maintains the traditional way of preparing the breads (by oven! how cool is that!) and also the way they display it!  Image The lady in the shop and one of his customers were so nice to us they even introduced the breads and cakes one by one for us (after seeing us looking so lost! haha). In the end I picked up a potato curry puff (their curry puffs are best sellers according to johorkaki! Teehee) and also a cream puff. The curry puff was awesome beyond words, crunchy at the exterior yet soft inside due to its rich fillings! The cream puff on the other hand, bears a unique taste, but not so to my liking. Probably because I’m not that fond of the Bengali cream taste, or perhaps it is too flavourful for me to start off the day.  Image After eating these in the car (as now being the puasa month, we thought that it would be rather disrespectful to eat in their shop, and they don’t really have a place to sit), both of us craved for some coffee so we went to Hua Mui, another shop that has been here for more than half a century (1946). Image Hua Mui is a nice place to start off your day, they have this kind of homey feeling and all their decorations (even their utensils) have been preserved since they first opened the shop. Going to Hua Mui is like being transported back to the 1940-s where every morning people will gather and have their breakfast before going back to their work, not forgetting to exchange the latest gossips and news to each other.  Image We each ordered a cup of coffee and Mr L ordered a plate of Hua Mui fried rice, one of their signature dishes. I secretly wonder if he has two stomach instead of one (if you know what I mean), he just ate three breads from the bakery right before this! As it started to rain a little =( , we decided to detour and walk to city square to catch a movie. Passed by this shop, so nostalgic!!!! I hardly ever come across this kind of biscuit shops nowadays! Bought a packet of biscuits, the small round based biscuits with multicoloured icing on top of it, hardly see these little thing as well! Happiness overload… Image Walk past a old cinema as well, it is still functioning! Playing mostly tamil movies nowadays. My mum used to tell me that grandpa used to go and watch these tamil movies every week. Makes me so intrigued, perhaps one day I shall come here and watch! Image And finally, we reached City Square! So flipping tiring to walk at 12 noon and we were sweating like a cow by the time we reached there. Lined up to buy tickets for Pacific Rim and cause we were too bored in the queue we decided to take a couple of selfies. And, we did not realise that our juniors were lining right behind of us! They greeted us after that, so embarrassing! >.< haha. Image And yes, I have shaky hands! >.< Managed to walked around before the movie, City Square have changed a lot compared to last year when I first came with my family. The idea of JB being a rather ‘dangerous’ place (no thanks to its crime rates compared to the rest of the states) further solidify upon their visit to the old City Square before its renovation and for a moment they were so afraid of my safety. Now, it has completely transformed and become one of the most popular shopping malls in JB. Not complaining, but there are still much room for improvement and potential in this strategically located mall. (it is just opposite the JB-SG immigration place) Image Haha I forced him to stand there! =p Pacific Rim was super awesome!! Okey, super awesome is way underrated. At first I had a lot of doubts about this movie after watching the trailer, I mean, the trailer was so lousy and made this movie looks like an adult version of power rangers! But after so much of a hype, we decided to watch it and never regretted the decision! =) One of the best sci-fi movie ever! P.s.: Decided to split this into two parts (cause I’m way too talkative??) haha!  And oh, do check this awesome blog out! I’m sure most of the Johorian and beyond will know about this blog (johorkaki). Recently they came out with this interesting article written by the author from the perspective of himself at 5 years old in the 1960-s. Check the post out! It allows me to see the things around me in this trip in a different light (Thank you people from johorkaki, though I doubt you will ever see this, haha!)