Hello, I’m a year 4 medical student! :3

Have been busy (lazing/procrastinating) for quite a while! 🙂 well school has started and Yeap, am officially in year 4!!! 🙂 Kind of having a mixed feeling about this, am excited to experience and learn new things yet scared at the same time. The thought of exams or more importantly, being responsible to real patients is really scary… 🙂 guess this is part of growing up, being thrilled yet uncertain at the same time.

Life has been great, am currently in 1/8 of my 4th year! Time really flies huh… :3 will catch up with writing and updates!

P. S.: my summer challenge?? Yes, as you might have guessed, it failed miserably!! :p I think I’m over ambitious at it!! Haha… But I have spent it quite well I would say, will talk about this soon!!! :))))