Hey little ones….

5 weeks into Paediatrics and I’m loving every single day of it! 🙂 I am usually not the type of student that will go for extra classes by his or her own initiative so when I started to attend extra ward rounds it indicates that I’m really into Paeds! I don’t know what is it about kids, but those little monsters do have their magic on me!

Today we learned about neonatal examination and had our hands on practice on a few babies (upon the approval of their mothers of course). They are all so tiny, and seems delicate and fragile. One of the hardest part of the examination to me is the moro reflex, whereby you have got to drop the baby’s head a few centimetres down to your palms from midair to test for their reflex towards the loss of support. It just seems so hard to convince yourself that it’s going to be ok and the baby will be safe. Things get even more complicated when the mums are around to observe the whole test and they will feel frightened for the baby’s safety! Managed to get the hang of it after several attempts and honestly,  as weird as it may sound like it is actually quite addictive!!!

Another thing about neonates is the ability for them to recognise their mother. As illogical and unscientific as it seems, I notice that even a one day old neonate seems to be able to recognise their mother’s touch or voice and can be immediately calmed by it. Mother-baby bond?? Or am I thinking too much?? Perhaps mothers can handle their child better?? It is just so amazing and the strong bond is just so mesmerising! 🙂

Ok, enough of baby talk for the day, time to head back to my textbook of Paediatrics! 🙂