A new beginning…

After days of imsommia and living with countless seconds of uncertainty, finally the moment of truth has arrived. With mixed feelings I am prepared, to accept whatever that is yet to come.

At 3 something am this morning, I have gotten the final verdict – I have passed year 3 and will be a year 4 medical student!! I have never felt as relieved and relaxed and it really felt like a tensed rubber band suddenly had its released, where it can finally rest in peace (LOLLL)

Thank you all for the constant support and encoouragement! Thanks to my parents and family for their unconditioned love and the willingness to stand by me even when everything seems to be so out of control. Thanks to Mr Liew for keeping me moving when I feel like my world is crumbling down and it felt so impossible to find my direction and motivation. A big thank you to all my friends for backing me up and stood by me regardless of anything. A big thank you to my teachers, who gave me guidance and knowledge, in medicine and also in life. Thanks to all my friends for backing me up and stood by me regardless of anything. Last but not least, thank you to all my patients who trusted me and gave me the invaluable opportunity to learn from.

It has been a roller-coaster ride. And having landed into this situation has been a wake up call. I have never been so clear of what I wanted in life before, and now what I want is to gain as much knowledge and skills as possible to be a responsible doctor, to alleviate their sufferings rather than inflicting pain on them due to my incompetency.

Part of the reason that lead to the ‘birth’ of this blog is as a constant reminder to myself about my goals and motivation, and hopefully it will help me to find my direction when I’m lost again some time in the future. Like a phoenix who is reborned from the ashes, I sincerely hope that this will be a new beginning for me! =)

Summer Holiday Project: 2012

Hola guys!! So yea, I am having my summer holidays even though my university is located in Malaysia (which doesn’t have four seasons by the way). The reason is that I’m currently studying in a Australian university that has a campus in Malaysia, thus following all their curriculum and breaks (we even have the same exam paper and are graded using the same graph). 😉

Anyways, since I’m going to have a freaking 3 months break (from early November till early February 2013!), so its time to lift up my butt and get some goals done! (*confetti please, thank you thank you!!*)


So here goes my Summer Holiday Project to get myself busy during these 14 weeks!!

1.Start a blog & blog at least once a week
Yay I have started the engine on this finally (after 4 weeks of procrastination, we are currently in week 5). So now what’s left is to keep up in blogging for once a week at the very minimum. Somehow I have a good feeling about this as people have often say the beginning is always the hardest, just like starting your car engine (LOL). So since now I have started the engine, I will just have to make sure that it keeps moving! =)

2. Reading challange: Complete 2 books a week
This is the first ever book challenge that I’ve taken and has had a very good head start too for the past one month! I have completed 4 books atm and am marching halfway through my fifth book (I actually thought that I have set myself a target of one book per week until now that I re-read my holiday to do list and realised that its actually 2 books per week!!! I am so blur >.<) Anyway I'm quite positive that I am able to reach my aim at the end of the break! (Yes, we gotta stay positive!) And oh by the way, I just had a book haul from the Big Bad Wolf Sale 2012 and it was super awesome!!

3. DIY one thing per week
This challenge has been pretty stagnant unfortnately thanks to my procrastinator trait! =( So far I am still halfway through my first project, a diwali greeting card to an old friend(oh my, the celebration has passed like, one month plus ago? *hides face*). Plus, I have a bunch of unfinish projects crying out to see the light again. Time to get started!

4. Learn how to cook
Yes, I don’t know how to cook. Erm, its more like I'm afraid of the sizzling oil or anything to do with heat (childhood trauma, I have had some minor burns caused by the splashing of oil droplets when I was young. Quite silly really, pouring oil into a still wet and heating up pan) Since then, I will stand like a freaking 10 meters away from the kitchen and see from afar especially if someone is frying chicken or fish. And I even learnt how to fry vegetable without using oil (thanks to youtube!!) so that I won't be starved to death. So this will be my greatest challenge this time and hopefully I will enjoy it! Any tips or suggestions?

5. Plan & go to a roadtrip!
DONE! Finally after a few months planning (though most of the time we were talking nonsense stuff, hehe), me and a few friends went to a roadtrip spanning from Johor to Penang for one week, and it was one of the best experience ever! Lots of first time experience, ridiculously funny moments and of course, tonnes of photos snapped as memories. Thanks to Mr. Liew, Tandan and Rui, without u all the trip would have been impossible!

6. Drive like a pro!
I have gotten my license like ages ago but don’t really get to drive that much. That reason being growing up from a small town and currently studying in a bigger place where the traffic is crazy and all my dad isn’t quite convinced that I can drive properly there. And as right after I have gotten my license I went to KL to study so I don’t really have a chance to polish up my driving skills and impress my dad. So, this will be my mission, to not let my dad gripping on the side bar for dear life when I’m driving! 😉

shut up and drive.... =p

shut up and drive…. =p

7. Spend quality time with family
As I’m currently studying in JB (the hospital our university is attached to is located there) so im far away from my family. Though we constantly keep in touch via phone or skype, it still feels different than spending time with them, face to face. Plus, my sister is leaving to Aus for her studies in early Feb so it would be even harder to spend time together. =) I’m currently still not home yet, accommpanying my mum for her final exams (yeap, mum’s studying, pursuing a degree in Counselling). Just a few more days, then everyone will be together! Miss u all so much, grandma, sis and dad!

8. Learn Sewing
A new goal for me! And I’m super excited about this! Can’t wait to go back home and bug grandma to teach me!

9. Reconnect/ connect with friends
Friendship is an invaluable treasure that I have collected when sailing through the journey of life. There’s a quote that goes: ‘friends are the family we choose for ourselves’. And as a big fan of snail mail, I have made a resolution to write a letter per week to my friends who have left their footprints in my life, especially those who are now far away. =)


10. Catch up with my studies
Since entering med school, things has been a bit out of control and to be honest I have not been putting effort into studying (which is of most regret). Seriously, its time to gain back the momentum and start putting my heart into my studies. For the sake of my future patients, and myself I NEED to study, really. I would never want to risk the lives of my future patients due to my incompetency. time to get serious about this.

. won’t want to be like this!

Yeap, so this is the round up of my Summer Holiday Projects! =) Do let me know if u have any suggestions or thoughts about this!! Wish me luck! 😉

wish upon a star